About Nag Rags

Over 30 years ago from around a kitchen table, came a big idea that would inspire a nation of horse lovers and cross country eventers – to bring together the most unique, stylish and never-before-seen co-ordinating horse and rider wear that is hard to find anywhere else.

All of our textile suppliers are based in the UK and have been selected for their respected history in designing and developing fabrics with exactly the right style, comfort and performance properties for equestrian sport and leisure.

Only the finest, skilled craftsman are employed to create the brand’s garments and do so with extraordinary attention to detail. Although labour-intensive, we are passionate that we retain this unique quality in our manufacturing standards..

Whilst our competitors take advantage of the cheaper production costs in China and the Far East, Nag Rags has remained consistent in the manufacture of traditionally hand crafted products..

Nag Rags are proud to be the leading British manufacturer of bespoke horse and rider clothing.